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Born to an Irish father and a Cherokee mother, I am a tempest of wild humor and deep irony.  As soon as I learned to talk I started telling stories, singing and making people laugh. 

From bungee jumping in Virginia Beach to dealing blackjack in Las Vegas, I’ve enjoyed some career choices before finding my love of radio.  

Some folks call me “That Kid’s Mom”… I love my daughter Mia and my two “Bonus” sons Jimmy and Myles. My house is the place where the neighborhood kids come to play.  I have a wonderful husband, Jim and I work hard to be sure that he and the kids are happy and healthy and doing the right thing.

My life is exciting and drama filled just like yours.  I cook, I clean, and I drive to work. If we can make each other smile and listen to some great music together…come on and hang out with me….it is just a matter of time before I will find something funny or sad or stupid to tell you about. Talk to you on the airwaves!